Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father

Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father

Pakistan qualified for final; everybody was waiting who would play against Pakistan. As soon as India won the semi-final against Bangladesh, Indians came up with overconfidence and full of pride that they will beat Pakistan & it’s not a big deal for them.“Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father.”
Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father’ Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father Pak vs India ICC cricket champions trophy, who is my father

Pakistan-India trolling will never end for Cricket

Indians started trolling Pakistani team and PCB on social media. Even Bollywood actors came up and insulting Pakistanis too. However, Pakistanis didn’t give up and answered all those negative comments to India. That confidence of Pakistani nation motivated team players and boosted their energy. Yes, Pakistan has won the Champions Trophy cricket final after beating their arch-rivals India by 180 runs, phenomenal victory. Pakistan fans cannot believe the journey their team has taken, absolutely remarkable.

The amazing part was trolling on Twitter and Facebook, which started three days before. Indian Actor Rishi Kapoor started such a trolling and Pakistani nation reciprocate to him. Thanks to Rishi sir who made that game more amusing by such a tweets. Many people including me took an interest after those massive trolling.

Cricket has never been just a game for Pakistan and India; it is always more than that. People get emotional, which shows in their actions and social media nowadays. Here are some examples.

Rishi Kapoor’s Overconfidence embarrassed him

His tweet on the day of semi-final, when India qualified for final


Pakistani took it seriously and bombarded with tweets about who is the real father!


Then at the end, he replied with this

Now, this was a serious turn, which any Pakistani will not accept in any way. They trolled Indians nowadays lake of toilets issue in India. Trending now on Twitter #DonateToiletsToIndia



After all, this trolling and insulting each other, the day of final has come, and Pakistan won easily and is celebrating their incredible victory against their archrival India. Although, people didn’t forget Rishi Uncle and made fun of him which he will never forget.

Rishi Kapoor died of Heart attack after watching Indian batting (A joke though)


But he congratulated the Pakistani nation for incredible victory and changed the topic to Indian Hockey team who had Hockey Match on the same day.

On the other side, Virender Sehwag also jumped in with his tweets


Sehwag also changed his tone and started talking about Indian Hockey team. Pakistanis made fun of them by sharing these kinds of memes.

Ranveer Sing also tweeted

And of course, he got a reply 



Pakistanis celebrating victory in the UK

Pakistani political party PML (n) celebrating in their own way! A bad joke though

Hope you remember “Sarfraz dhokha nahi dega” dialogue :p

This meme is old one, but worth it 😀

This one is hilarious though


Because for Punjabis Rooti is must 😀

Pakistani Team Celebrating

Meanwhile in India…


No offence, Please, enjoy the game. It’s a big relief to win against India in the final though 😀

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