I’m Samira Simi, and I’ve been where you are. I am a person who always grabs Camera where ever they go, Thank God for smart phones cameras nowadays.

I was super excited to capture images of my family, children growing and other beautiful places. But I didn’t have the skills.

My photographs were flat and inconsistent – I just couldn’t translate or capture what I saw though my lens. I didn’t know how to find and work with light. How to position my subject. Or how to make my images come alive.

That all changed when I cracked the code and learned the photography secrets that have helped me capture beautiful and lasting memories, simply. I have done Pro Photography course and learnt a lot from that. Every time when I capture pictures their tips and points always in my mind, which they taught me.

I will share them all here, at Pray Dream Live, where I’ll show people my photography as an amateur Photographer. So stay tuned and have a look, hope you will like it. 🙂


Coming Soon

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