About Me

A born and raised in holy city Mecca, a girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream. Trying to touch the stars and fly above the clouds. Ohh yeah, here I am standing on my feet on same earth where you are all. That’s how I dream big :D.

Spent whole of my life around pilgrims from all over the world. I thought I don’t need to travel and see people as in, I meet so many here in Holy city Mecca every year but when I travelled I found, how amazing travelling is!

I always wanted to write or do something since childhood, but unfortunately, it didn’t work the way I wanted. My hobbies changes by time. It didn’t mean that I didn’t work on it. Instead, I work hard on it but some harsh family rules, circumstances of a country where I am living and lack of opportunities I couldn’t make it.

English is not my native language so bear with me. I saw school first time when I was in 6th grade (my schooling till then was the personal tutor), and I couldn’t talk my national language Urdu properly too as a Punjabi origin, but my writing was all right in Urdu, and I wrote few times for Newspaper during schooling.

Now I ended up deciding to write a blog and bought a site and design by self. Whatever I learnt, I learnt by myself and of course Youtube too. Why not take a benefit and make a proper use of Internet when we have all the recourses. I’ve learnt Painting, Web-designing, Photoshop, Photography, Editing and language of course from internet and Youtube.

The idea to make this blog is, I want to help pilgrims by what they usually ask us when they visit Mecca. The insight of life in Mecca, all the way from holy city Mecca. Here you will find lifestyle of Mecca, funny and sad stories of pilgrims; it would not only be too religious but entertaining too. I hope it will help you all, and you will encourage and motivate me.
It’s not just for Muslims or pilgrims; I want to share my hobbies Painting, photography and interior designing, Hence, I am welcoming you all from a depth of my heart.

Stay with me and enjoy reading. xoxo