8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca

8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca Today I am going to inform you the 8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca, which you will not find anywhere except Saudi.

Every year billions of Muslims from all around the world comes to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah, and they focus only their purpose which they have come for and try to stay as near as they can be Grand Mosque (Al-Haram Baitullah).

I heard from lots of pilgrims about bad food which makes them sick and they usually complains about it. Many people go from this city having to experience a low quality of food. But today I am going to tell you why this happens and what “8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca”.

Every country has its natural fruits, and a dish which it is known for, same has Saudi. It is famous for Zamzam water and Dates. Likewise, Italy is known for Pizza, China and Japan are famous for Noodles, pasta, sushi and spaghetti, Turkey is famous for its kebab and naan, Belgium and Switzerland are famous for its Chocolates, and Pakistan is famous for Biryani and sweets, etc.

People of Saudi doesn’t like spicy food much, same like in Europe and America. But Asian people love to eat western food, and there are many restaurants for Chinese, French & Italian food, and in every Desi restaurants. There must have one Chinese dish or pizza which they offer as I know. Only Asian countries are famous for spicy food. That’s the reason why Asian especially Pakistanis and Indians complaints about Saudi food. We should show some respect to their foods and cultures; not everybody is same here.

During the Hajj and Ramadan season, Saudi food authority doesn’t allow restaurants to make spicy food; they become very strict about it. So, near Haram ( Baitullah and Masjid Al-Nabi) you will not find spicy and yummy food as you like. And the reason behind this is that they don’t want pilgrims to get sick and waste money and time in hospitals and couldn’t focus on their worship.

I suggest you go around and see buildings, cultures and people too same as, how people travel to other countries to see around. If you want to taste the real taste you have to see around Mecca or Jeddah and find some good restaurants and order something nice. That’s why I am here. I will tell you which restaurant and their famous dishes are better in my next post-Inshallah. Here I am going to inform you 8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca.

Main Course

1. Albaik

Albaik is popular fast food in Mecca and Jeddah. It is like Mcdonalds and KFC of K.S.A :D. It is known for its fry chicken and nuggets.

Always fully packed of customers Mashallah, a very busy restaurant.

They offer fried chicken spicy and non-spicy with garlic sauce.

Beware, don’t eat garlic sauce if you are going to Masjid for pray after eating. It smells bad, and Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H prevent us from eating garlic and onion before prayers. Or eat something fresh such as chewing gum, mouth freshener after eating or brush it out.

Moreover, they offer fish nuggets spicy and non-spicy with cocktail sauce

Hummus which is made with chickpeas is also a nice try if you want to.

There are shwarmas and other dishes too.

2. Fool Tamees:

A great traditional Afghani bread with Egyptian curry calls FOOL. It’s very yummy and very tempting aroma. I highly recommend to eat this; you will never find that kind of bread anywhere unless you know some Afghani or Tajakastani restaurants in your country. Usually, the bread comes home half eaten, because of its delicious smell 😀 ( oh mouth watering wanna eat now)

They make the dough of bread with all purpose flour, and curry is with some beans.


3. Shawarma & Arabi

Shwarma is usually sold anywhere around the street, but only a few has good taste. The well-known shop is called Rukn Al joha. If you like spicy, tell them to add more spices to it. Shatta is spicy sauce for them, ask them to add more Shatta.

Arabi is like shwarma, but it tastes

a bit different from that, don’t forget to 

try that too.




بابا عشينا Ash Shawqiyyah, Mecca 24351 050 037 7046

4. Tamia

Tamia serves in bread with Tamia and boiled eggs sometimes(only a few adds boiled eggs). Do try this.

طعمية السلطان

Ash Shawqiyyah, 2365, Mecca 24351

012 541 2777


It is Indonesian street food, made with eggs and leaves.

Serve with lemons. Squeeze lemon on it and taste.

Note:  They also offer mutabaq with banana. It is sweet, and different from the other. If you want to try, try on your own, but mutabaq of eggs is more delicious than mutabaq of banana.

القرموشي Al Mansur, At Taysir, Mecca 24231 012 542 7151


6. Basboosa:

Basbosa is a sweet dish and is made with semolina and eggs, Bake in the oven and serve with sugar syrup.

Usually, in every Saudi or Arab dish, they must add sugar syrup.

7: Kunafa

Kunafa is made with Vermicelli and creamy or cheese. Nowadays they add many things replace of cream and cheese as in Saudi likes sweets and chocolates too much.

Serve with sugar syrup as well.

Note: One pilgrim told us that they tasted low quality of kuna fah near Grand Masjid Al-haram. That guy added too much sugar syrup which was running here and there in the plate.

So, as I told you will not find good tasty food near haram. I am adding reputable shops and Google maps as well in my post of 8 popular food must try in holy city Mecca.

بيت الكنافة Beit Alkunafa

6425 Qasr Ad Diyafa, Az Zahra, Mecca 24221

8: Baklava


Baklava is made with flour, and they add many kinds of different flavours and shapes. If you see in the picture, one plate there is different forms and has different taste. As I know, it’s Syrian sweet dish.

Also, serve with sugar syrup.

Sanabel Alsalam

شارع الدكتور عبدالقادر كوشك، Waly Al Ahd, Makkah 24353

9200 00919

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